About The Village by AFADU

Aid For Africa Down Under – The Story

AFADU was founded in 2004 by former Chairperson, Julie Routledge, following a trip to Zimbabwe, where she observed the poor conditions in which a group of orphaned and other vulnerable children lived in Chikombedzi, Mwenezi District, in Zimbabwe.

These children lacked access to basic education, medical care, adequate food and shelter and many children were orphaned or displaced.

This experience inspired Julie to establish AFADU in Australia,working with Ezelle Schimper (a local white farmer who was trying to care for these orphaned children) to create a safe and secure environment that adequately meets the physical and psychological needs of children.

Chikombedzi and AFADU

AFADU was born with an initial mandate to support the children in Ezelle’s care. The first container of basic essential goods was sent in October 2003 and has raised over US$500,000 in goods and funds since it started

AFADU is an Australian non-profit, non-government charitable organisation which was registered on the 15th January 2004.

From this time until early 2006, AFADU focused on providing aid and relief to Lirhanzo Children’s Village (LCV), local schools and the Chikombedzi Mission Hospital in Mwenzi, Zimbabwe.

AFADU’s work is supported by monetary contributions and in-kind donations of goods and services by international and Australian companies, church and community groups, schools and individuals who want to help make a difference.

Lirhanzo Children’s Village – Chikombedzi, Zimbabwe, Africa